Accessories for LISN


  • Schwarzbeck CMDM 8700 - Typical measurement setup
  • Schwarzbeck CMDM 8700

 CMDM 8700 Common mode / Differential mode switch


The measurement mode switch CMDM 8700 expands the measurement possibilities of two V-LISN to T- and Delta-LISNs for the profound analysis of interference emissions.


Frequency range: 9 kHz - 30 MHz


Measurement modes: Line A, Line B, Common mode, Differential mode


Connectors: BNC (50 Ohm)


pdficon small Datasheet CMDM8700


  • Schwarzbeck HVSE 8600 Shielded Enclosure for Automotive LISN
  • Schwarzbeck HVSE8600 Shielding Box for Automotive LISN
  • Schwarzbeck HVSE8600 Shielding Box


HVSE 8600 / HVSE 8601 Shielded Enclosure for Automotive LISN


The HVSE 8600 Shielded Enclosure (Shielding Box) was designed to increase the shielding effectiveness of automotive LISN significantly, which is neccessary for measurements of electric- or hybrid vehicles.


Material: Aluminium


Shielding Effectiveness: typ. > 100 dB


HVSE 8600 is suitable for the following LISN types:


NNHV 8123,
NNHV 8123-200,
NNHV 8123-400


HVSE 8601 is suitable for NNHV 8123-800


Further Information about the application of the shielded enclosure can be found in CISPR 25 Ed. 4 or e.g. in the manufacturer specific standard BMW GS 95025-1.


pdficon small Datasheet HVSE 8600

pdficon small Datasheet HVSE 8601



KA 812x


Calibration adapters for artificial mains networks AMN or LISN


pdficon small Datasheet KA 812x




Wiring accessories for LISN


Wing terminals

hook and ring type cable lugs

and connecting accessories for LISN


pdficon small Wiring accessories for LISN





CEKON CEE three- phase current connector plug jack 16 A and 32 A.


Datasheet CEKON





Adapter Schuko plug, receptacle for Great Britain, Singapore,

Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada,

Japan, Taiwan...


Datasheet SCHUKO


  • CAP10
  • CAP_10_8226-2


CAP 10 / CAP 10 8226-2


To be compliant to the standards DEF STAN 59, DO 160 or MIL 461F ( Method CS 101-4; CS106-3) a 10 μF capacitor like the CAP 10 has to be connected to the mains connectors of the LISN.


pdficon small Datesheet CAP 10

pdficon small Datasheet CAP 10 8226-2