VPMP 9241


VPMP 9241

  • Schwarzbeck VPMP 9241
  • Schwarzbeck VPMP9241

The vertical passive monopole consists of a flat alumium base plate and a milled aluminium housing, which has two N-connectors at the sides and an element clamping fixture on top. The element clamping fixture with a nominal diameter of 10 mm accepts the vertical rod of 0.5 m length, which is included in standard delivery. A typical application is the validation of ALSE (Absorber lined shielded enclosure) as proposed by CISPR 25 Ed. 4. An optional top loading disc (TLD 9241) is also available. Instead of the 0.5 m rod nearly all element types of the Schwarzbeck product range can be used, e.g. biconical elements BBA 9106, BBAL 9136, BBAK 9137, BBVK 9138, or collapsible elements FBAL 9177, FBAB 9178, or the telescopic elements of the VHA 9103.


Monopol acc. CISPR/D/391/CD (CIS/D/386/CD, CIS/D/388A/CC)


Frequency Range: DC - 300 MHz
Polarisation: linear
Pattern Type: omnidirectional
Permissible Power: 2 kW
Connector: 2 x N
Impedance: 50 Ohm nominell

Dimensions base plate:

300 x 300 mm

Housing dimensions:

80 x 80 x 35 mm

Length Rod:

0.5 m
Weight: 0.9 kg


pdficon small Datasheet VPMP 9241



Opt. TLD 9241:

Top loading disc for VPMP 9241

diameter < 12 cm.