SY 9223-50561-1


  • Schwarzbeck SY9223-50561-1

SY 9223-50561-1 is a symmetrical transformer which provides impedance transformation and a specified insertion loss. It transforms an unsymmetrical 50 Ω signal into a symmetrical signal with an impedance of 100 Ω and attenuates the power by 8 dB.


It belongs to a measurement setup according to EN 50561-1:2012, chapter 9.2. Figure 4 shows the setup, figure 5 shows the principle diagram.


Frequency range:

1.6 MHz ... 30 MHz

Insertion loss:

8 dB ± 0.2 dB

Symmetrical impedance:

100 Ω

Unsymmetrical impedance:

50 Ω

Max. input power:

200 mW

Proof voltage against housing:

>500 VDC

Unsymmetrical connector:

BNC jack 50 Ω

Symmetrical terminals:

4 mm safety laboraty jack


125 mm


104 mm


50 mm


ca. 270 g

pdficon small Datasheet SY9223-50561-1


pdficon small Overview PLC Measurement-System EN 50561-1