CU 50561-1


CU 50561-1


  • Schwarzbeck CU 50561-1 Coupling Unit

The coupling unit CU 50561-1 belongs to the equipment for measurements at powerline transmission devices. The specifications for the measurements at PLC devices are included within the standard EN-50561-1.


Combined with two line impedance stabilization networks (LISN) the coupling unit provides a coupling system which guarantees defined conditions for the measurement.


Frequency range:

1.6 MHz ... 30 MHz

Symmetrical attenuation:
(@ 25 Ω)

40 dB ± 1.5 dB

Max RF voltage:

10 V

Dieelctric strength each wire:

>1000 VDC

Test voltage between lines:

>1000 VDC

Max. power rating:

1000 VA

Connector Mains plug:

CEE 7/7

Connector Mains jack:

CEE 7/4

Cable length:

~800 mm

Housing dimensions:


68 mm


112 mm


53 mm

Weight: 310 g

pdficon small Datasheet CU 50561-1


pdficon small Overview PLC Measurement-System EN 50561-1