AC - Separator


AC - Separator



  • Schwarzbeck AC-Separator

The AC separators provide connectivity between the LISNs and the device under test (DuT) respectively the auxiliary equipment (AE) as well as the connection to the measurement setup.


Two of the R/C elements required by the standard EN 50561-1 are already built in (1 M || 100 nF). Two identical AC separators are required for the measurement setup.



Frequency range:

1.6 MHz ... 30 MHz

Symmetrical attenuation:
(@ 100 Ω)

max. 0.5 dB

Max RF voltage:

10 V

Dieelctric strength each wire:

>1000 VDC

Test voltage between lines:

>1000 VDC

Max. power rating:

1000 VA

Connector Mains plug:

CEE 7/7

Connector Mains jack:

CEE 7/4

Connections to the test circuit:

 4 mm safety laboratory jack

Housing dimensions:


68 mm


112 mm


53 mm

Weight: 310 g

pdficon small Datasheet AC - Separator


pdficon small Overview PLC Measurement-System EN 50561-1