STLP 9128 D special - Stacked Log Periodic Antenna

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The stacked Log Periodic Dipole Antenna (Stacked LPDA) consists of two ordinary Log.-Per. structures. The excellent characteristics (flat gain over a large bandwidth, low SWR) of the ordinary LPDA designs could be maintained using the stacked LPDA design. The stacked design helps to focus the directional pattern of the H-plane somewhat, resulting in a typical gain improvement 2.5 dB compared to an ordinary LPDA Antenna. This is especially important for immunity testing, where a maximum fieldstrength and a good field uniformity is required. The beamwidth in the E-plane and the H-plane are nearly identical, providing an optimised illumination of the EuT with minimised ground reflection influence.


Frequency Range:

(70)80-3000(4000) MHz



Pattern Type:




Max Power (7/16): 

2 kW (const.)
3 kW (intermitt.)

Max Power (N): 

1 kW (const.)
1.5 kW (intermitt.)


Type 7/16 female
Type N female

Impedance: 50 Ohms nominal


Length: 1480 mm
Width: 1480 mm
Height 1340 mm
Weight: 8.1 kg
Mounting: 22 mm diameter tube


The fastlinks allows to disassemble the rear elements without any need for further tools within a few seconds. These fastlinks divide the antenna into five parts, which can be stored and transported easily.


pdficon small fastlinks for quick removal of the rear parts of the antenna.


Recommended Adapter: AA 9209.


Main Application:

Generation of defined fieldstrength levels for immunity testing with good field uniformity and limited space.





pdficon small Datasheet STLP 9128 D special

Radiation Pattern

Short Measuring Distances

Assembly of STLP Antennas