STLP 9129 special - Stacked Log. Periodic Antenna


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  • STLP 9129 special


The STLP 9129 special is nearly identical to the STLP 9129 but with smaller dimensions because of the folded longest elements.

The STLP 9129 was especially designed for wideband immunity tests. The unique STLP 9129 is able to cover the entire frequency range from 70 MHz to 10 GHz with a typical isotropic farfield gain of 8.6 dBi with a ripple of less than +/- 2.3 dB only.

This unrivalled bandwidth was achieved by combining the both well proven antenna designs STLP 9128 D and the STLP 9149. The STLP 9129 does provide the optimum out of gain and field uniformity at the same time as well as both basic antennas do.


Main Application: Generation of defined high field strength levels for radiated immunity testing acc. IEC 61000-4-3.


Frequency Range:

80 MHz - 10 GHz



Pattern Type:





Type N female
Type 7/16 female

Impedance: 50 Ω nominal
Length: 1.75 m
Width: 1.49 m
Height 1.32 m
Weight: 10.2 kg
Mounting: 22 mm diameter tube


pdficon small fastlinks for quick removal of the rear parts of the antenna.


Recommended Adapter: AA 9209.


pdficon small Datasheet STLP 9129 special

Assembly of STLP Antennas