NNLK 8121


NNLK 8121 - Line Impedance Stabilisation Network



  • Schwarzbeck NNLK 8121 V-LISN
  • Schwarzbeck NNLK8121 V-LISN


Topology: V-LISN
Frequency Range: 9 kHz - 30 MHz
Impedance simulation: (50 µH+5 Ω) || 50 Ω
Max. Voltage: 250 VAC 50/60 Hz
400 VDC
   Max. Current:  4 x 50 (100*) A 
Mains terminals: 4 wing terminals
Terminals for E.u.T.: 4 wing terminals
Length: 480 mm
Width: 450 mm
Height: 370 mm


33 kg
Standard: CISPR 16-1-2


 * For continuously 100 A add the options cont. high current and cooling fans!

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 Opt. RC:

Option RC for LISN: Remote Control with built in power supply. LISN can be controlled by R&S or Schwarzbeck code, including remote control cable for your receiver type (Please specify your receiver type!). LISN can be selected from the R&S receiver menu or in the EMC32 software like an R&S LISN. No programming of the user interface necessary. Functions: path selection and PE grounded or via choke.


pdficon small NNLK 8121 Opt. RC


 Opt. Hochstrom:

Option: cont. high current, additional terminals to bypass the 250 µH prefilter-chokes, provides less voltage drop and less heating.


pdficon small NNLK 8121 Option Hochstrom


 Opt. 400/700 V:

 Option: 400/700 V Voltage to ground / Voltage between lines


 Opt. Lüfter:

 Option: Cooling Fans


Opt. TC:

The temperature monitor modul which is optional available for the NNLK LISN warns the user optical and acoustical when the temperature gets too high. It controls the fans of the LISN temperature-dependent, too and thus prevents overheating. If a critical temperature is reached the temperature control modul indicates this optically and acoustically.


pdficon small NNLK 8121 Opt. TC