FESP 5135 - Circular unshielded Coil


FESP 5135 - Circular unshielded Coil

  • Schwarzbeck FESP 5135


The magnetic loop FESP 5135 was designed to generate magnetic fields in the frequency range up to 300 kHz. The FESP 5135 is esp ecially used for magnetic immunity testing for large EuT which does not fit between Helmholtz coils. The FESP 5135 is equipped with spacers in order to achieve good repeatability of test results without using additional length measuring equipment. The magn etic fieldstrength generated by the coil is strictly proportional to the coil current, therefore a current measurement ca be used to determine the actual fieldstrength.


Medium coil diameter: 0.5 m
Number of turns: 20
Turn layers: 1
Mechanical Dimensions: 500 x 500 x 140 mm
Terminals: 4 mm
Usable Frequency Range: 0 - 300 kHz
Inductance: 485 µH
Resistance: 0.8 Ω
Capacitance: 45 pF
Resonance Frequency: ≈1 MHz
Magnetic Fieldstrength at 1 A coil current: 32.016 A/m
30.1 dBA/m
Continuos Current: <5 A
Maximum Current: 7 A (5 min.)
Max. Magnetic fieldstrength: 224 A/m (5 min.)
Fieldstrength (cont. operation): 160 A/m


5.2 kg


100 mm


EN 55103 - 2 A.3.1


Datasheet FESP 5135