HHS 5230-100 - Helmholtz Coils

  • Schwarzbeck HHS 5230-100 3m Helmholtz Coil


The Helmholtz-Coil HHS 5230-100 are especially designed to generate precisely defined magnetic fields from DC to ca. 5 kHz, e.g. according to SAE J551-17.

Typical applications are magnetic immunity testing to whole vehicles according to SAEJ551-17 (Vehicle Electromagnetic Immunity – Power Line Magnetic Fields).

Number of turns: 100
Maximum Coil Current: 16 A (5 min.)
Nominal Coil Current: 8 A continuous
Max. Magn. Field Strength: 650 A/m @ coil Dist. =1.8 m
Nominal Magn. Field Strength: 325 A/m  @ coil Dist. = 1.8 m
Magn. Field Strength, 1 A Coil Current: 50.8 A/m (coil Dist. 1.13 m)
Maximum Coil Separation: >1.13 m
Coil Separation for best uniformity: 1.8 m
Mechanical Dimensions: W:2.0 m x H:3.10 m x B:3.18 m
Ground Clearence: 0.12 m
Usable Frequency Range: DC - 5 kHz
Resonance Frequency (per Coil): >10 kHz, typ. 13 kHz
Weight (per Coil): 190 kg
Recommended Accessories:  NFCN 9731-100


Datasheet HHS 5230-100

pdficon small Assembly HHS 5230-100


Recommended Accessories:


NFCN 9731-100 - Compensation Network



The primary function of the compensation network NFCN 9731-100 is to provide a serial compensation of the inductance of i.e. the HHS 5230-100 at operation frequencies of 16.666 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 150 Hz und 180 Hz. These operation frequencies are stipulated by SAE J551 - 17 (Vehicle Electromagnetic Immunity – Power Line Magnetic Fields).

The compensation capacitor reduces th e overall impedance of the series circuit consisting of the Helmholtz coil HHS 5230-100 and the compensation network NFCN 9731-100 at the applied operating frequency and allows currents up to 8 Arms at a generator voltage of less than 60 Vrms.


Datasheet NFCN 9731-100