• Schwarzbeck PVDC_8301

The symmetric DC-LISN PVDC 8301 can be used for measuring the disturbance voltage in the frequency range from 0.15 MHz to 30 MHz on photovoltaic inverters.

Up to now the conducted emissions of photovoltaic inverters at the mains terminals were usually measured using LISN according to CISPR 16-1- 2. The circuit concepts of PV-inverters may cause ripple currents on the DC-side of the inverter, though. These ripple currents, which mostly are in direct proportion to the mains frequency, are passing through the cabling and the PV-generator modules and can be radiated as magnetic fields with sometimes remarkable disturbance effect. Traditional measurements at the PV-inverters' AC terminals will not be able to reveal such disturbance phenomena.

The PVDC 8301 was especially designed to measure all kinds of disturbance voltages at the DC-side of photovoltaic inverters. These are in detail the disturbance voltage of one conductor above reference ground (unsymmetrical disturbance voltage), the common mode disturbance volage of a pair of conductors above ground (asymmetrical disturbance voltage) and finally, the differential mode voltage between two conductors.


Frequency Range: 0.15 MHz - 30 MHz
Max. cont. current: 200 A
Max. current (limited time, 15 min): 250 A
Max. Voltage (DC): 1500 V

Common Mode Impedance
(Mode switch CM, A or B):

(150 +/- 30) Ω
Differential Mode Impedance
(Mode switch DM):
(150 +/- 30) Ω
Phase at EUT-Terminals: (0 +/- 40)°
Insertion loss (EUT - AE): >20 dB
Longitudinal conversion loss LCL: >26 dB

Voltage Division Factor at the measuring port:

typ. (20 +/- 3) dB (10:1)
Resistance (DC) with feed terminals shorted (T=25°C): <50 mΩ
EUT Connectors: Wing terminals
Dimensions(W x H x D): 448 x 295 x 600 mm
Weight: approx. 30 kg


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