Pilot ISN - Impedance Stabilisation Network



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Pilot ISN is an impedance stabilization network which can be used to measure disturbance voltages of PLC (power line communication). Its design is based on IEC 61851-21-2 Electric vehicle conductive charging system. The ISN provides decoupling from the equipment under test (EuT) and the communication device or load (AE).


The Pilot ISN has an impedance of 150 Ω according to the standard as long as a PLC connection with an impedance of 100 Ω is established. The integrated attenuator improves the impedance matching and has to be switched on.


Frequency Range: 150 kHz - 30 MHz
Connector: Safety laboratory jacks, 4 mm
Max. line current/path: 1.4 A DC
Max. voltage
Power line - ground:
200 V DC
140 V AC
Common mode impedance
150 Ω ±20 Ω
Dimensions W x H x D: 125 mm x 55 mm x 105 mm
Weight: 480 g
According to standard: IEC 61851-21-2
Electric vehicle conductive charging system


pdficon small Datasheet Pilot ISN


pdficon small Datasheet Calibration Kit Pilot ISN