FESP 5133-7/41 - Circular Screened Coil


FESP 5133-7/41 - Circular screened Coil


  • Schwarzbeck FESP 133-7_41 circular shielded loop sensor


The magnetic field monitoring loop FESP 5133-7/41 was designed to measure magnetic fields in the frequency range up to 200 kHz. The coil is made of 36 turns AWG 7/41 RF-litz wire. The turns are shielded to suppress eventually disturbing electric fields. The field pickup coil can be attached to RF-voltmeters with high impedance or to measuring equipment with 50 Ω input. Depending on the connected equipment the respective correction factors must be used.


Number of turns: 36

Medium coil diameter:

133 mm
Usable Freqency Range: 0.01 kHz - 250 kHz
Resonance Frequency: 1 MHz
Inductance: 310 µH
Resistance: 10.5 Ω
Capacitance: 83.5 pF
Max. magnetic fieldstrength: 10 kA/m f<600 Hz
1 kA/m f<6 kHz
100 A/m f<200 kHz


220 g

Mechanical Dimensions:

136 x 177 x 36 mm




Datasheet FESP 5133-7/41