FESP 5134-40 - Field Monitoring Coil


FESP 5134-40 - Field Monitoring Coil


  • Schwarzbeck FESP5134_40 Loop Sensor  Antenna


The magnetic, handheld field sensor coil FESP 5134-40 was designed to determine the magnetic fieldstrength during immunity tests in conjunction with an appropriate voltmeter. The main application is in the audio frequency range and above up to approx. 250 kHz and fieldstrength values of 1 A/m or higher. The coil axis is perpendicular to the coil-plane, i.e. the maximum field indication is given with magnetic field lines being perpendicular to the coil-plane. The specified data refers always to uniform fields and optimum alignment of FESP 5134-40.


Number of turns: 51
Coil diameter: 40 mm
Usable Frequency Range: 5 Hz - 250 kHz
Resonance frequency: ca. 1 MHz
Inductance: ca. 100 µH
Resistance: 5 Ω


43 g


70 x 31 x 45 mm



Mounting Thread:



Datasheet FESP 5134-40