FESP 5134-1 - Field Monitoring Loop


FESP 5134-1 - Magnetische Feldsensorspule


  • FESP5134-1


The magnetic, handheld field sensor coil FESP 5134-1 was designed to determine the magnetic fieldstrength during immunity tests. The loop sensor consists of a single shielded turn and can be used up to 400 MHz.

The FESP 5134-1 is intended to be used with 50 Ω measuring equipment, e.g. spectrum analyzers or measuring receivers. Thanks to the shielded turn the loop sensor achieves high symmetry and good E-field rejection.

Typical appli-cations are immunity tests acc. IEC 61000-4-39, several automotive standards, the measurement of human exposure limits acc. to ICNIRP, IEEE C.95-2005, 26.BImSchV and many others.


Number of Turns: 1
Coil Diameter: 40 mm
Usable Frequency Range: 10 kHz - 400 MHz
Nominal Frequency Range: 100 kHz - 300 MHz
Inductance: ca. 125 nH


ca 70 g


46 x 18 x 95 mm




Datasheet FESP 5134-1