FMZB 1519-60 C - Active Receive Loop Antenna



  • FMZB_1519-60_C


Active, shielded Loop Antenna with nearly constant antenna factor over the entire frequency range (9 kHz - 30 MHz), battery driven to minimize disturbance influence from power line.

An overload indicator is activated if an incoming signal approaches or exceeds the 1 dB compression level.

Combined with a CISPR 16 EMI-receiver a convenient field strength measuring system with low noise and pulse measuring capabilities is composed. The robust, milled aluminum housing comes with camera threads to accept a handle or to be mounted on a tripod (e.g. AM 9144).

The FMZB 1519 C is equipped with 10 NiMH-Mignon cells. The Active Loop Antenna FMZB 1519 C can be used for the frequency selective measurement of magnetic fields (of fictious electric field) in the longwave, midwave and shortwave frequency ranges. It can be used for testing according to CISPR (e.g. 16-1-4), MIL, FCC, EN, ISO, ANSI, ETSI and many other standards.



Nominal Frequency Range: 9 kHz - 30 MHz
Connector: N-female 50 Ω
Antenna Factor for fict. E - fieldstrength: 20 dB/m
Antenna Factor for H - fieldstrength: -31.5 dB/Ωm
Loop Diameter: 0.6 m
Fieldstrength Measuring Range
QP-Detector / 9 kHz IF-Bandwidth:
30-140 dBμV/m (1 MHz)

Fieldstrength Measuring Range
AV-Detector / 200 Hz IF-Bandwidth:

8-140 dBμV/m (1 MHz)
Frequency Response: < +/- 1 dB
VSWR at „Output“: < 2
Operation time with full Battery Capacity: > 12 h (typ. 20 h)
Battery: 12 V NiMH 1.9 Ah
Operation Indicator: Green LED > 10.6 V
Batt. Reserve Indicator: LED yellow 9.7 V - 10.6 V
Tripod Mounting Thread (downside): 3/8", 1/4"
Grip Mounting Thread (upside): 3/8"
Dimensions: 630 x 690 x 110 mm
Weight: 2.0 kg


Datasheet FMZB 1519-60 C