BNB 8655 - Battery Simulator

 BNB 8655


  • BNB 8655 - Battery Simulator



The battery simulator BNB 8655 has the task of supplying power to the device under test (vehicle components) while ensuring a defined source impedance. It is designed for tests in the automotive sector.


The BNB 8655 is constructed symmetrically with two paths, HV+ and HV-, with variable power resistors in each path. A battery can be simulated by various internal resistors. Three possible values are available for
Rint: 2 x 100 mΩ, 2 x 50 mΩ and 2 x 25 mΩ (one resistor in each path). The built in components have no specific polarity. Both paths are isolated from ground.


Max. Voltage: 1000 VDC
Max. DC-current:

800 A

Impedance: 2 x Rint in series with 1 µH
(Rint=100/50/25 mΩ)
Self-inductance: 0.5 µH
LISN-inductance: 2 x 1 µH
Weight: 123 kg
Dimensions B x H x T: 710 x 570 x 900 mm
Standard: MBN 11123, ISO 21498-2

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