Rod Antennas


  • Schwarzbeck VAMP9243 Vertikal Active Rod Antenna


  • Schwarzbeck Option MIL461_bonding_kit for VAMP 9243

VAMP 9243


Vertikal Active Rod Antenna

9 kHz - 30 MHz


reduced noise floor

with mounting nut for AM 9144 and rechargeable battery


pdficon small Datasheet VAMP 9243

pdficon small VSWR



Opt. GP: Aluminium-Groundplane, 0.6 x 0.6 m

Opt. ACS 410: Charger ACS 410

Opt. VT: 20 dB plug in divider to measure high field strength

Opt. CA 9243: Calibration Adapter for VAMP 9243

pdficon small Opt. CA 9243


Opt. MIL461F bonding kit:

Bonding kit for VAMP 9243 acc. MIL-STD-461F consisting of a BNC

cable double shielded ca. 70 cm, with braid

current blocking ferrite in the center, elbow aluminium angle

with BNC bulkhead adapter.

pdficon small Opt. MIL 461F Bonding Kit




VPMP 9242


Vertical passive rod antenna

10 - 40 MHz

possible rods: FBAB 9177, FBAL 9178, BBA 9106, BBAL 9136

( rod must be ordered extra)


pdficon small Datasheet VPMP 9242



Opt. GP: Aluminium groundplane 0.6 x 0.6 m



  • Schwarzbeck VPMP 9241
  • Schwarzbeck VPMP9241


VPMP 9241


Monopole acc. to CISPR/D/391/CD (CIS/D/386/CD, CIS/D/388A/CC)


2 N-connectors

element fixture for rod


aluminum housing and groundplane


pdficon small Datasheet VPMP 9241



Opt. TLD 9241: Top loading disc for VPMP 9241 diameter < 12 cm.